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Malts / Grains

Find the best brewing grains for premium home-made beer

With vast experience and extensive beer brewing knowledge, Craft in-home offers advice on the best grains for brewing beer, at a great cost! Shop now for swift-NZ wide delivery!

How to put together your grain order:
Select the grain you want, whether it’s crushed or whole (in case you want to mill it yourself), then select what grain bill bag it’s to go into (in case you are putting together multiple recipes in one order). If you choose all selections in one bag, we will pack and mill everything together.

Next, select your desired quantity in increments of 5gms. Type in or use the +/- to select the amount you require. Qty will almost always stay at 1 using the above method.

Click add to cart and you’re away! Rest assured, if we get your order and there is anything that isn’t clear we will phone you to get clarification!

Thanks for choosing Craft in-home Tauranga for grains! We appreciate it!